What we do

If you've made it this far you probably have a pretty good idea of what we do. The question we should really pose is 'why'? For many years in the UK we drank a bitter, acrid brew called coffee. It kept us awake when we were tired, made us warm when we were cold and was a perfect centre-point for when we sat down for a chat. However, this coffee tasted like mud. Useful??? as it may have been it didn't taste great but for a number of reasons we made do, drinking coffee that was not pleasing to our taste-buds.

In the 80's Nescafe came along with their Gold Blend and tough us that coffee didn't have to come from a nameless tin and could also taste a lot better than it used to. They also tried to sell us a life-style to accompany our morning which also stuck to some degree but still the coffee wasn't great. The real revolution came when Starbucks, Costa and numerous independent coffee shops started selling us real, ground coffee, made properly that was an absolute delight to taste and a real indulgence. Since then the UK have become coffee connoisseurs, ordering a low fat caramel machiatto without even batting an eyelid.

Loose green tea

And this is where we come in. As a tea drinking nation we get through 62 Billion cups a year in the UK but what are we drinking? Ever opened a Tetley teabag and looked inside? You won't find any tea leaves in there. A more sophisticated tea movement is definitely happening in Britain at the moment and we want Chinese tea to be a part of it. We are seeing an ever popular increase in fruit teas and teas with funny names in unusual bags but we feel that you can get nothing better, and we really mean NOTHING better than authentic Chinese loose leaf tea.

You may not have sampled much Chinese tea but give us a try and I'm sure we'll convert you. Our Explorer package is a perfect introduction to Chinese Tea. Each month you are sent a foil bag containing a 30 day supply of a different tea to try as you get to know what China has to offer. Our Explorer package will introduce you to the most well know and popular types of green Chinese tea such as Oolong, Jasmine and Dragon Well whilst also introducing you to more specialist teas such as Puer and Red Robe.

Gaiwan with tea

If you're already familiar with Chinese tea then our Adventurer package is for you. We have many unusual variations of well loved teas that are often only produced or prepared in small batches. Most of our tea is bought directly from farmers which helps them get a great price and helps us be sure of the quality on offer. Our final offer is a very specialist package that harks back to our Yahoo tea sharing club that ran for over 13 years. The teas in this packaged include lesser well know varieties of Chinese teas you may have hear of and will also include some aged, fermented Puer tea. All tea is sourced and imported by us so we can be sure of quality and provenance. If you're looking for a great (or unusual) gift or present then a years Tea subscription will hit the spot. Simply subscribe to an annual package and we'll take care of the rest gifting your recipient with the most delicious teas from all over China each month for an entire year. By signing up for a year you get 2 months for free and we'll even include a beautiful hand written Chinese card in with your package with your message inside.